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The Top Five Muscle Groups to Focus on to Exercise Properly


There are so many muscle groups to work on, but if you want a toned body, the top five muscle groups to focus on are these exercise:

1) biceps

2) triceps

3) chest

4) abs

5) back


Learning how to strengthen, tone, and build muscles is an essential part of physical fitness. With the right exercises your muscles will become stronger, more toned, and you’ll feel more energized. With this article we will discuss the importance of muscle groups and some helpful exercises you can do for each of them.


The chest muscle group consists of the pectoralis major, the pectoralis minor, and the serrate anterior. These muscles help to flex and rotate your arm. The chest is a large muscle that performs many functions in addition to providing a pleasing male chest shape.


Exercise your arms with these exercises to tone and strengthen them.

A strong arm will allow you to do more activities. We all want a toned arm, right? In order to tone and strengthen your arms, you need to work out the muscle groups that they consist of.


A strong lower back can be an important asset to those who want to protect their core and maintain their balance. Many people experience lower back pain, and any exercises that strengthen the muscles around the spine can help prevent it from becoming a chronic health issue.


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