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With this weight loss plan, you could reduce 3 kg weight in four days; you’ll no longer even want to prevent consuming:

This sort of weight loss plan thru which you may reduce weight up to a few kg in four days. The exceptional a part of this is that you do not should give up rot and greens for this. In this, you could eat frequently home meals. Let’s recognize approximately this plan. In this diet plan, the metabolic charge is accelerated from the morning itself so that weight reduction can occur briskly. So every so often, some food needs to be completed. This food plan must be located for 4 days.

For this morning drink loss weight:

You may also take a toothpick. Dip the suitable for eating sandalwood oil in it, then dip that toothpick in 50ml water and drink the water. The water should be lukewarm. If a person takes remedy on an empty belly, then first devour the medication and then drink this water?

Fenugreek to loss weight


Now you want to consume 1 teaspoon of fenugreek seeds. Keep it soaked in a single day. Throw the water in the morning and devour it after chewing it. These fenugreeks seed must be eaten in advance than each meal, so if you need, acquire it and soak it. Soaking it in water eliminates its warmth.

 Breakfast for loss weight: 

After this, you have to eat end result. If your better body is heavy or there may be uniform fats at the complete frame, you then want to consume one hundred grams of sugary culmination like mango, banana, grapes. If the lower element is heavy, you need to eat pineapple and uncooked coconut.(WL)-
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Salad for loss weight:

Now you want to eat approximately 100 to one hundred fifty grams of salad. You can devour any type of green salad on this. While eating cucumber, do away with the seeds from it. After 15 minutes of eating salad, you have to devour a spoonful of fenugreek yet again and drink water.

Two rotis and greens for weight loss:

Now after 15 mins, you need to consume rotis. This roti should be made from flour and bran flour. You should maintain the quantity of both identical. In vegetables, you can consume any vegetable besides potato, guar pod, and bean pod. One and a half of teaspoon ghee needs to be applied on the roti. You want to drink inexperienced tea 15 minutes after eating roti. 


        Lunch, you need to consume 100 grams of fruits once more before lunch. In this, you may take watermelon, melon, papaya, or pomegranate. After 15 minutes you need to consume 100 grams of salad. After 10 minutes you want to devour 1 teaspoon of fenugreek.

        You could have tea and puffed rice with it earlier than dinner. You can take 50 grams of peanuts. You also can devour 20 grams of walnuts. Do now not positioned sugar in tea. After this, you want to devour a spoonful of fenugreek once more.

        Lunch, you need to take a thick roti with bran and flour and any vegetable that doesn’t incorporate potatoes.


        For Dinner, you need to consume cooked entire lentils in which mooing or lentils are boiled and tempered. If you do now not need to devour pulses for four days, then you can eat seventy five grams of tofu or paneer. Fry it in a touch oil, upload salt and pepper and consume it. You can place capsicum in it. Do not put lemon in it. Now at last, you want to drink green tea.



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